Plastics Extrusion

While many traditional Plastic Extrusion firms continue to experience challenges, we continue to derive reliable and innovative solutions for many industries.

By way of experience, our Plastics Extrusion solution offered by Proax includes:

  • On-screen adjustments to easy machine setup
  • Advanced auto-tune functions to achieve precise temperature control
  • Environmentally fast-acting SSRs with Integrated Heat Sinks to eliminate deadly Mercury Contactor
  • Centralized Integrated Sysmac Solution to replace Complex troubleshooting controls
  • Overall improved performance, thus eliminating machine downtime.


plastic extruder

Plastics Integrated Packaged Solution

Omron Automation is one of the world leaders in industrial Temperature Control. Coupled with the Automation Products in the Omron line up, many solutions to the Plastics Industry are possible. With the Sysmac Automation platform, HMI, integrated Safety, Motion, Vision, Database tracking and Robotics are possible.
Proax Application Specialist experts have packaged these products as a solution to Plastic Retrofits and for new machines complete with programs setups.
The Omron E5C series TC units offer exceptional control and visibility with flexibility to install in any location including external die zones. New things in control are enhanced diagnostics with Loop Break alarm (LBA), IO-Link and IOT, Big Data and VNC Remote connection.

Temperature Control

The Omron Temperature control units offer the best temperature control on the market with an advanced algorithm, auto-tuning and fast loop updates. For any plastics machine, temperature control is the key to quality products. With the new loop break alarm feature (LBA), any failure is detected quickly including heater burnout, heater short and temperature sensor failure. New push-in technology wiring reduces installation time.

Temperature controller       Screw vs push-in

Integrated Controller

The integrated system allows for Central Monitoring and control of all aspects of the machine. The extruder drive is monitored by the PLC and Extruder speed, pressure alarms can be set.
The HMI also allows for remote connection via the web for remote diagnostics.



Using SSRs with integrated heat sinks eliminates mercury contactors that are not environment friendly and allows for tighter control with faster switching cycles.

heat sink

Proax Packaged Solution

  • Omron Temp. Control, Heat/Cool E5C units or NX-TC Cards
  • Omron PLC Integrated with TC units CJ2/NX1P/NX102
  • Omron HMI, 3.6 -15 Inch, Remote Connection, NA, NS, NB Series
  • Omron Solid State Relays for Heat and Cool Zones, G3PE, G3NA
  • Omron and ABB Safety Devices and Controllers, G9SP, NX Safety
  • ABB VFDs for Screw Speed Control, ACS550 25HP- 500 HP

These solutions are scalable from small Co-extruders to large 6-inch extruders. The integrated design results in quicker setup times, faster recovery from downtime and more consistent product. Retrofit packages are ideal in upgrading from Mercury Contactors and DC Drives that are maintenance problems and a liability to productivity. Temperature control is at the heart of these machines and Omron TC units have been proven to handle all of Plastics challenges.